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Structural studies



The PSF core facility provides state-of-the-art automated crystallogenesis equipment and services from recombinant plasmid preparation to 3D structure analysis. Only 2 mg of protein is necessary for the first crystallization screening. Hundreds of different crystallization solutions supplied by PSF can be used simultaneously with the Mosquito nanodrop dispenser. The automated RockImager imaging system and XtalFocus make it possible to store crystallization plates under temperature-controlled conditions at 19°C or 4°C as well as visualization directly at the workstation. Crystal optimization is done manually or automatically and synchrotron radiation is used to measure diffraction. Diffraction data processing can be coordinated with the crystallography team.

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Different types of services are available:

Open access: equipment for biophysics/crystallization (with or without assistance). All consumables for crystallogenesis are provided (plates, screens, sealing films, etc.)

  1. Crystallization: Mosquito, RockImager, XtalFocus, binocular microscopes + camera
  2. Chirascan circular dichroism


Management of a research project:

  1. Feasibility analysis: bio-informatics theoretical analysis, protein expression and solubility tests
  2. Preparation of protein: from recombinant plasmid to pure protein
  3. Crystallization of protein: production of crystals: automated screening followed by automated or manual optimization
  4. In collaboration: synchrotron diffraction test, data processing, structure analysis



The Structural Biology unit provides the following equipment:



Training before using the facility’s equipment is required and is free of charge (Mosquito, Chirascan).

Each year, the core facility organizes an introductory course to X-ray crystallography applied to the structural analysis of proteins: CNRS Formation Entreprise


user fees

  1. Information on user fees is available on intranet (équipes contributrices et équipes académiques) or upon demand.



  1. Composition des kits de cristallisation:
    1. Morpheus
    2. Natrix HT
    3. Crystal Screen HT
    4. PEG/Ion Screen
    5. Stura Macrosol
    6. PACT premier
    7. The PEGs Suite
    8. The AmSO4 Suite
    9. The MbClass Suite
    10. The MbClass II Suite
    11. The PEGs II Suite
    12. BCS
    13. MIDASplus


  1. How to find us  (intranet)
  2. Réservation des équipements CD chirascan (pour les utilisateurs déclarés – accès sécurisé)
  3. Réservation des équipements de cristallogenèse  (pour les utilisateurs déclarés – accès sécurisé)
  4. Visualisation des plaques de cristallisation sur le Formulatrix RI 182 19°C (pour les utilisateurs IBCP déclarés – accès sécurisé)
  5. Visualisation des plaques de cristallisation sur le Xtal Focus 4°C (pour les utilisateurs déclarés – accès sécurisé)
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