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Fevrier 2022

Jeudi 03/02/2022


Séminaire Externe

“ Deciphering Antigen Receptor-mediated NF-kB Activation and Lymphoma Cells Survival “

Dr. Nicolas BIDERE (UMR_S 1232 Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie et Immunologie Nantes-Angers)
Hôte : Bénédicte PY
The integrated stress response (ISR) is an evolutionary conserved stress response pathway that leads to a global arrest in translation as well as to the expression of specific genes, such as the transcription factor ATF4, to promote cellular recovery. The central nexus of this pathway is the phosphorylation of the alpha subunit of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 (eIF2α) by one of the four eIF2α kinases that sense specific cellular stressors. The heme-regulated inhibitor (HRI) is one of these kinases, and it was initially reported to be activated in response to heme deprivation. Nevertheless, further studies have established that cytosolic proteotoxicity, resulting from oxidative or osmotic stress, heat shock, and proteasome inhibition, is the predominant trigger for HRI to induce the ISR. I will present newly identified functions of HRI in innate immunity, proteostasis, and mitochondrial stress. Indeed, HRI-mediated signaling defines a novel cytosolic unfolded protein response (cUPR) required for the proper formation of some innate immune signalosomes and the control of toxic protein aggregates, and this eIF2α kinase also serves as a relay for mitonuclear communication after a mitochondrial stress.

Vendredi 04/02/2022


Séminaire Externe


« Single cell quantification of ribosome occupancy in early mouse development »


Can CENIK (University of Texas at Austin)
Contact :Emiliano RICCI

Lundi 14/02/2022


Séminaire Externe

« The Role of sugar signalling in the shoot branching network »

François BARBIER (University of Queensland)

Host: Yoan Coudert


Lundi 28/02/2022

Salle Condorcet

Séminaire Externe

« Roles of Alternative Splicing regulations in plant stress responses »
Jeremy BAZIN (IPS2, Université Paris-sud Orsay)
Host: Mohammed Bendahmane
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