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organization chart



The SFR Biosciences is managed by a Director, assisted by a Deputy-Director, in close collaboration with an Executive Board that consists of the Directors of the Contributing Research Centers. 

Director :  Jacqueline MARVEL                                                                        Deputy-Director :  Catherine MOALI

Administrative and financial manager :  Anaïs JACQUIN                                    Coordinator :   Denise AUBERT


Organization the SFR Biosciences’ Management

Organization of the SFR Biosciences (pdf accessible through intranet)


Executive Board


Jacqueline MARVEL                     Director

Catherine MOALI                          Deputy-Director

Fabienne ARCHER                       IVPC / UMR754

François-Loïc COSSET              CIRI / U1111 / UMR5308

Christophe GEOURJON               IBCP / UMS3760

Pierre JALINOT                             LBMC / UMR5239

Jean-Michel JAULT                       MMSB / UMR5086

Florence RUGGIERO                    IGFL / UMR5242

Teva VERNOUX                            RDP / UMR5667

Bernard VERRIER                         LBTI / UMR5305

Germain GILLET                           Representative of Lyon Sud