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A platform for pre-clinical model experimentation in confined conditions and their multi-scale characterization.




The AniRA-PlExMiCo platform of the SFR Biosciences (CNRS Research Support Unit 3444 and INSERM Service Unit 8) involves the development and location in a unique new area of pre-existing technical platforms, the creation of an area for housing axenic/gnotobiotic mice and their association with new multi-scale analysis tools. It is housed in a new building (delivery early 2023) belonging to Lyon 1 University and funded by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, Grand Lyon La Métropole, Inserm and Lyon 1 University).


This platform is dedicated to fundamental research and to the development and experimentation of in vitro and in vivo models. The platform enables or increases our ability to analyze:

  • the impact of different microbiota on health and resistance to infection;
  • the spread of the infection and its control by the host in vivo;
  • the impact of new treatments for infection or microbiota in vivo;
  • in depth the immune response in a confined context.


The available facility enables pre-clinical model engineering recapitulating  infectious pathologies and/or with controlled microbiota. The new confined environment analysis laboratory will allow monitoring of in vivo models and their in-depth analysis at the cellular and molecular levels. These tools will increase the capacity of the local academic and industrial players to test and validate new therapeutic and preventive approaches targeting infectious pathologies or those linked to microbiota dysregulation.

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