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AniRA (Ani-Rhone-Alpes) is a regional network of technical facilities dedicated to develop and to provide phenotypic analyses of mouse models. The network is composed of technical facilities located in the following two research clusters (Federative Research Structures): SFR Biosciences et SFR Santé.

AniRA is part of Celphedia , an Infrastructure de Recherche Nationale . Celphedia aims to facilitate access to animal models in France and throughout the world.



AniRA is divided in two specialized units each with different specificities. Each AniRA unit works on the transfer of new technologies through technological core facilities that interact closely with local research teams.

The AniRA units are:

AniRA Phenotyping

AniRA Mouse models


Publications using anira platform should acknowledge celphedia and anira as follows: 

“We acknowledge the contributions of the CELPHEDIA Infrastructure (, especially the center AniRA in Lyon".






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