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AniRA Phenotyping


The AniRA-Phenotyping Unit provides comprehensive phenotyping of different physiological systems: cardiovascular, metabolism, immune system and bone system. Phenotyping enables standard and functional characterization in mice. The AniRA-Phenotyping Unit aims to better understand how genes function, the basic biological mechanisms, infectious pathophysiology to identify and validate new therapeutic targets, for instance.  

The AniRA-Phenotyping Unit provides investigators with customized phenotyping services:  

  • Phenotyping the immune and bone system (AniRA-ImmOs) largely through the core facilities of flow cytometry AniRA-Cytométrie  and animal facility AniRA-PBES.
  • Phenotyping in the fields of metabolism, cardiovascular system and autonomic nervous system (AniPhy)
  • Studies on neurotransmitters (NeuroChem) using biosensors for the assay of small molecules customized in the core facility.




Immune system


Bone system  




Cardiovascular system and autonomic nervous system






To respond more effectively to the needs of their users and also, to ensure transparency and reliability of research results, the Management of the SFR BioSciences is committed to implement an ISO 9001 quality policy. To this end, it has created a Quality Management Department. This department actively coordinates the implementation of the quality projects of the technical core facilities of the SFR, especially those of the regional AniRA facility certified with the IBiSA label.

For more information on Quality Management



Since 2014, SFR Biosciences organizes a yearly call for proposals to support innovative and collaborative projects of methodological or technological development. Projects are evaluated by a scientific committee that consists of four researchers and four staff members of the core facilities. Projects are evaluated based on their scientific quality, innovative nature, value for the scientific community, and potential new services for the SFR Biosciences.

AniRA R&D projects supported in 2015

  • Apport de la cytométrie de masse pour le diagnostic et la réponse au traitement du rejet infraclinique en transplantation rénale


AniRA R&D projects supported in 2014

  • Optimisation d’une analyse quantitative et qualitative de l’Autophagie par ImageStreamX