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Use of animals for scientific purposes


SFR Biosciences and its partners have established an ethics committee called CECCAP to evaluate research projects that use animals in procedures carried out in 10 affiliated research facilities. The committee is commissioned by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (registration no. C2EA15).. The ethics committee provides guidance about each project to the ministry, which is the body competent to authorise projects.





What ethics in research involving animals ?

« Research in biology addresses the origins of life and its evolution, the organization of molecules, cells, organisms and populations, as well as the genetic, physiological and environmental interactions. For this, one must observe the whole living organism, and also act on it to understand how it functions. Animal research is indispensable for understanding how living organisms function, which could be studied beforehand in vivo or in silico"(excerpt from the editorial signed by Catherine Jessus, Director of the Institute of Biological Sciences of the CNRS, in the CNRS newsletter 277, summer 2014).

The growing awareness that animals are sensitive beings and must not be let to suffer, has led to the implementation of legislation imposing specific regulations that require an ethical analysis of each project before its implementation. Scientific justification for the use of animals is assessed as well as methods for the implementation of the project.

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