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Février 2016


02 / 02 / 2016
"Experimental adaptive evolution of SIVcpz to humans using humanized mouse model"

par Kei SATO

Laboratory of Viral Pathogenesis,

Institute for Virus Research,

Kyoto University - JAPON                

contact: lucie.etienne@ens-lyon.fr                                                                                                                                

salle des Thèses Chantal Rabourdin-Combe, ENS de Lyon.     

04 / 02 / 2016
" Evo-devo in the omics era: Comparative transcriptomics of head development in closely related Drosophila species"

par Nico POSNIEN  (Georg-August-University Goettingen)    


salle des Thèses Chantal Rabourdin-Combe, ENS de Lyon.

08 / 02 / 2016
"Investigating the genetic basis of organ shape and size"

par Alistair McGREGOR  (Oxford Brookes University)       


salle des Thèses Chantal Rabourdin-Combe, ENS de Lyon.

11 / 02 / 2016
"HIV prophylactic vaccines : State of the art"

par Pr Jean-Daniel LELIEVRE (Clinical Core, Vaccine Research Institute, Créteil)                      

contact: jean-francois.nicolas@inserm.fr

The quest of an effective HIV vaccine has begun with the discovery of the HIV pandemic. HIV paradigm has evolved from a B to T cell inducing vaccine. The results of the initial phase II/III trials following the two ways have been disappointing. While modest, the unexpected results of the phase II/III vaccine trial RV144 has deeply modified the field. Indeed in this trial a clear correlation has been demonstrated between protection and  immunological biomarkers, namely anti V1V2 non neutralizing antibodies. Recent data obtained in cohorts of recently infected individuals allowed to reexplore the interest of neutralizing antibodies and their potential use in HIV prevention. Results from NHP model using CMV vector also showed the potential interest for a prophylactic HIV vaccine to induce T cell responses. Finally development of vaccine vectors and clinical trial strategies have also made recent interesting improvements. Therefore HIV vaccine research remains a very dynamic field that has been recently stimulated rather than knocked down by the recent results using PreP strategies.

Amphi Pasteur CERVI


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