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Juillet 2021



Séminaire externe

« Selfish toxin-antidote elements in animals: from gene drive to speciation »


Alejandro BURGA RAMOS (Institute of Molecular Biotechnology - Vienna Austria)
Contact : M. Francesconi




Séminaire externe

 « GM15: a new versatile minimal microbiota gnotobiotic mouse model to study host microbiota and its influence on host traits »


François Leulier (IGFL)                                       

Hôte : François-LoÏc Cosset

Mus musculus is the classic mammalian model for biomedical research. Despite global efforts to standardize breeding and experimental procedures, the undefined composition and interindividual diversity of the microbiota of laboratory mice remains a limitation. In an attempt to standardize the gut microbiome in preclinical mouse studies, we developed a simplified mouse microbiota composed of 15 strains from 7 of the 20 most prevalent bacterial families representative of the fecal microbiota of C57BL/6J Specific (and Opportunistic) Pathogen-Free (SPF/SOPF) animals and derived a new standardized gnotobiotic mouse model called GM15. GM15 recapitulates extensively the functionalities found in the C57BL/6J SOPF microbiota metagenome, and GM15 animals are phenotypically similar to SOPF or SPF animals in two different facilities. They are also less sensitive to the deleterious effects of post-weaning malnutrition. The GM15 model provides increased reproducibility and robustness of preclinical studies by limiting the confounding effect of fluctuation in microbiota composition, and offers new opportunities for research focused on how the microbiota shapes host physiology in health and disease.



Séminaire externe

" Evolutionary dynamics of gene expression in mammals, and the search for innovation "



Camille BERTHELOT (IBENS, Paris)
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