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Octobre 2021




Séminaire Externe

" Genetic and developmental basis of morphological variation in cichlid fishes "

Emilia SANTOS (Cambridge University)
Host : Michalis Averof

Lundi 18/10/2021


Séminaire Externe


« Root hairs - shaping a cell designed to invade »


Guido GROSSMAN (Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Germany)
Host: Carlos Galvan Ampudia

Mercredi & Jeudi 20-21/10/2021


Inflammation (and inflammasomes of course!)

Joint InnaSCO-FrontInov webminar
In 2021, InnaSCo and Frontinov propose a joint meeting around the theme of Inflammation with presentations of prestigious speakers. A first technology-oriented day, in partnership with several companies will be dedicated to quantitative biology approaches for exploration of inflammatory responses. A Second day, in memory of Jürg Tschopp, will allow prominent scientists to present their recent data in the multidisciplinary area of inflammation and cell death signaling, with a special keynote lecture given by Dr Vishva Dixit (Genentech)

Vendredi 22/10/2021

Salle des Thèses CRC

Séminaire Externe


Leonid MIRNY (MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science)
Contact :Equipe Jost
Jeudi 26/10/2021

Amphi G3 UCBL

Séminaire externe

« Phylogeographic and phylodynamic approaches to explore viral epidemiology  »
Sebastian LEQUIME (Université de Groningen)

Lundi 28/10/2021


IBCP salle de conf sous sol

Séminaire externe

« Interplay between viral factories and cellular innate immunity during rabies virus infection »

Yves GAUDIN (i2BC, Paris Saclay)         
Host: Francine Gerard-Baraggia



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