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AniRA - Cytometry


The AniRA-Cytometry core facility provides state-of-the-art equipment (including the Helios that measures more than 40 parameters simultaneously), as well as all the expertise required to use the equipment. The AniRA-Cytometry core facility is part of the regional core facility AniRA certified with the IBiSA label (IBiSA coordinates core facilities in the area of life sciences throughout France) and is a member of Celphedia. The facility is certified ISO 9001 :2015. It also houses part of the equipment of the Phenocan Equipex (Equipment of Excellence, an equipment project funded by the French Ministry of Research as part of the operation “Investments for the Future”).

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  • Cell sorting:

The AniRA-cytometry core facility provides investigators with services and expertise in cell sorting. Two digital cell sorters, including a high-speed cell sorter, makes it possible to optimize cell sorting based on the needs of the users. Cell sorting can also be performed under A2 containment conditions.

  • Technical expertise:

Staff members have the expertise to develop cytometry techniques for users, from standardization and calibration of flow cytometry assays to multicolor panel development and standardized immunological monitoring.

  • Data Analysis:

The AniRA-Cytometry core facility provides researchers with data analysis workstations and assistance in data analysis. The facility has the latest software for the analysis of cytometry data including:

  1. Infinicyt 1.5 (Cytognos)
  2. VenturiOne (Applied Cytometry)
  3. FACS DIVA (BD Biosciences)
  4. FlowJo (Treestar)
  • Training:

On request, staff members provide training on the equipment (analog and digital data acquisition systems) and the analysis software. Trainings last one and a half day. Advance booking is required (see section “Training”).


Cytometry participate in research and development projects, in many fields of applications. The core facility has developed expertise in various research areas.

Currently, a joint project with AniRA-ImmOs, the phenotyping core facility, provides phenotypic characterization of the immune system by flow cytometry.



The facility provides the following equipment:


How to contact us/where to find us:

where to find us (intranet)

Cytometry Core facility :

  1. Tour Cervi
  2. 21 avenue Tony Garnier
  3. 69367 Lyon

For informations, please contact us:

  1. Mail :
  2. Tel : 04 37 28 23 32
  3. Responsable plateau : Thibault Andrieu



Staff members provide training on the different equipment  (analog and digital data acquisition systems) as well as on the analysis software. Advance booking is required for the following trainings:

  • DIVA training (logiciel & système Becton Dickinson- Théorique & Pratique)- 1 day (course material DIVA n°1, n°2)
  • ACCURI training (logiciel & système Becton Dickinson- Théorique & Pratique)- 1 day (course material ACCURI)
  • MacsQuant training (logiciel & système Miltenyi- Théorique & Pratique)- 1 day (course material MACSQUANT)
  • FlowJo training (logiciel TreeStar d'analyse des données de cytométrie) - 2 day s
  • Introduction on Cytobank (Logiciel Cytobank)    vidéo  : "Gating in Cytobank"       vidéo :  "Introduction to Visne"
  • ImageStreamX training (Logiciel et système AMNIS - Théorique & Pratique) - 2 days



Information on user fees is available on intranet (contributors and academic team) or upon demand.


  1. Règlement intérieur du plateau technique
  2. Manuel Qualité du plateau technique
  3. Fluorescent Protein Analysis with the Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer System
  4. Display of CFlow- Generated FCS 3.0 Files using FlowJo MAC
  5. A Guide to Absolute Counting on the Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer



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La plateforme AniRA-Cytométrie est certifié ISO 9001:2015