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AniRA – L3 Laboratory


The AniRA-L3 laboratory is a high security (BSL3) experimental facility designed for handling hazard group 3 pathogens (e.g. viruses, parasites) and their insect vectors (e.g. mosquitoes, midges). The laboratory is part of the regional core facility AniRA certified with the IBiSA label (IBiSA coordinates core facilities in the area of life sciences throughout France) and is a member of Celphedia, (a French National Research Infrastructure for animal models).

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The AniRA-L3 laboratory provides expertise and equipment to perform experiments addressing interactions between:

- Group 3 pathogens / in vitro cells (mammalian and insect cells).

- Group 3 pathogens / live insects (drosophila, blood-sucking insects: mosquitoes, culicoides…).


Staff members will provide training to work under L3 containment conditions.




How to contact us/where to find us:

Access to the high security experimental facility (BSL3) is regulated and subject to approval by the scientific committee, managers of the facility and the relevant health care professionals. The laboratory is located at

  1. UMR 754, IVPC
  2. UCBL Gerland - Bâtiment Recherche
  3. 50, Avenue Tony Garnier
  4. 69007 Lyon


For further information, please contact

  1. Maxime RATINIER : responsable du plateau - Maître de conférence EPHE
  2. Tel : 04 37 28 74 55
  3. Fax: 04 37 28 76 12
  4. Mail :



Details and fees are available on request.




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