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9th annual meeting EFOR

The EFOR network is delighted to announce its 9th annual meeting that will be held on 2019, May 6th & 7th in Paris, France.


EFOR  (Etudes Fonctionnelles chez les ORganismes modèles) is a national netwok created to promote research on a wide diversity of model organisms.

The first day of the meeting (May, 6th), we will dedicate to 3 to 4 technological or scientific sessions, and the second day (May 7th) will welcome 6 to 9 parallel workshops with focus on specific model organisms. By this, we are aiming to facilitate broad as well as deep discussion on a variety of scientific fields.

The program of this 2-days meeting we are currently compiling.
The outline we already can share with you and would like to encourage you to contact us, if you also would like to lead a workshop on the second day of this meeting.

Sessions on May, 6th:

- Regeneration
- Neuro-vascular system
- Biocontrol
[ + potentially a 4th session on immunotherapy ]

Workshops on May, 7th:

- Mice
- Zebrafish
- Non-human Primates
- Chicken
- Lepidoptera
- Marine Metazoa

On top of this we booked 3 more rooms for 3 more sessions: don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to have one of these spots for a workshop on you favorite topic.

On behalf the organizing committee,

signature EFOR