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Congrès SFBD et SBCF à Lyon

From Samir Merabet, organizer, a kind remember for this nice meeting that will be held in Lyon in April 2017

Meeting Announcement,

We are please to announce that The French Societies for Developmental Biology (SFBD) and Cell Biology (SBCF) organise 2nd international conference “When Development meets Cell Biology” which will take place in Lyon, from April 26th to 29th 2017.

Meeting will focus on Nuclear Architecture & EpigeneticsGene Regulation, Cell Polarity & TrafficSignallingEmergent Models & Evolution, Cell Migration & Adhesion and Morphogenesis & Organogenesis .

Confirmed Speakers : Yohanns Bellaiche, Olivier Pourquié, Markus Affolter, Richard Anderson, Frédéric Bantignies, Jordi Casanova, Susan Gasser, Wieland B. Huttner, Benoit Ladoux, Patrick Lemaire, Pierre-François Lenne, Christophe Marcelle, Alfonso Martinez-Arias, Eduardo Moreno, Anna Mattout, Francesca Palladino, Nipam Patel, François Payre, David Sherwood, Anne Spang, François Spitz, Julie Ahringer, Catherine Rabouille.
Online registration and abstract submission is open at:

With hope to see many of you in Lyon the capital of gastronomy and a World Heritage Site. 

The organizers,

Samir Merabet, Rene-Marc Mège, Michel Studer, Grégoire Michaux, Antoine Guichet, Krzysztof Jagla