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SFR Biosciences News

High-throughput confocal analysis(High Content Screening - PLATIM) - High-resolution mass spectrometer (Q Exactive HF - PSF).

SFR Biosciences just acquired these two equipments :

  • An equipment for confocal high-throughput analysis (High Content Screening) is available on PLATIM.


 « CQ1» from Yokogawa

(more information here)

Now open for booking. For training or advice please contact

This equipment has the following technical features :

Enables measurement of spheroids, colonies and tissue sections

  • No need to remove cells from culture dish (coverslip thickness required for high magnification),
  • Nipkow spinning disk confocal technology allows high-speed yet gentle 3D image acquisition (4x, 10x and 40x),
  • Environnement control (temperature and CO2)
  • Wide field of view and tiling capability enable easy imaging of large specimen

Analysis capabilities

  • Create your own workflow of acquisition and analysis,
  • Rich feature extraction to facilitate sophisticated cellular image analysis,
  • Easy to trace back to the original image from a graph spot, and make repetitive measurements

Open platform

  • Expandable
  • FCS/CSV/ICE data format readable by third-party data analysis software
  • Connectable with external systems via handling robot*1
  • A variety of cell culture and sample dishes are applicable

Compact footprint, light weight bench-top device; no need for darkroom


  • Mass spectrometry : High resolution on Protein Science Facility (PSF)


« Q Exactive HF» Thermo Scientific



PSF of the SFR Biosciences has recently acquired a quadrupole-Orbitrap high-resolution mass spectrometer (Q Exactive HF, Thermo Scientific).


This new equipment is accessible to all research teams with needs in proteomic analysis.


Any new approach or development can also be considered if you have specific needs as part of a collaboration.




To submit your projects, to discuss access modalities or to get additional information, do not hesitate to contact Frédéric Delolme or Adeline Page, or 0472722693. We can also meet you to further discuss the possibilities of this equipment in the context of your research projects.