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seminar "High Content Screening microscopes" - Tuesday, 6th of December

High Content Screening microscopes

Automated microscopy and multi-parameter image processing developed this last decade made possible high content screening (HCS) with image-based read-outs. HCS typically employs fluorescence imaging of samples in a high-throughput format and reports quantitatively on parameter of interest by automated image analysis. In particular, HCS is extensively used in gene invalidation-based screens (mutant, siRNA, CRISPR/Cas9) and small compounds screens, and can be instrumental in a tremendous variety of research fields relying on image-based read-outs (cell viability, proliferation, apoptosis, autophagy, endocytosis, mitochondria health, cell and organelle morphology, inflammasome).
Several teams of the SFR Biosciences have expressed a strong interest in getting access to this technology on our campus. Andrew Barlow (Thermo fisher scientific) will give a seminar to the SFR Biosciences community to introduce the potential of HCS approach and discuss the available options of the Thermo Fisher devices (CellInsight CX5, CX7 and ArrayScan) including the number of illumination channels, possibility of confocal, available objectives, focus system, upgrade for live cell imaging.