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We are delighted to announce that the Université de Lyon has been awarded an IDEX Initiative d'Excellence funding. Thank you all for your mobilization !

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About Us

SFR Biosciences is a service unit (UMS3444/US8) that provides biologists, the academic community and industry a shared pool of resources and technical core facilities specialized in four areas of expertise. These core facilities participate in projects funded at national level.

The SFR Biosciences (UMS3444/US8) develops a strong science and technology policy for the research centers of the Charles Merieux campus in the field of biological sciences.Today this  structure brings together researchers from 8 contributing centers dedicated to research in the following major fields of biology: Infectious diseases, Cell biology, Plant biology, Protein biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Structural biology, Molecular evolution, Genomics, Immunology, Microbiology.

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Sep 15, 2017

European Heritage Days

SFR Biosciences celebrates the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the ENS in Lyon and participates to the European Heritage Days

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Jul 27, 2017

PSF / ISA Partnership

PSF has recently joined forces with the research group ANABIO-MS (ANAlysis of BIOmolecules by Mass Spectrometry) located at ISA (Institut des (...)

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Apr 26, 2017

AGC : Dépôt de brevet

Une prise de brevet Européen (Inserm Transfert N°Brevet 15302MC Method for universal detection and quantification of mycoplasma (Mollicutes) 16S (...)

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