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PHENOMIN 6th call for proposal

6ième appel à projet de PHENOMIN pour la génération et caractérisation de nouvelles lignées de souris Cre ou CreERT2. Cette offre s’adresse aux équipes de recherche françaises.





Dear Scientist,

We are pleased to announce the new PHENOMIN call dedicated to generation and characterization of CreERT2 cell specific promoter driven deleter mouse lines.

Since 2011, PHENOMIN has generated more than 150 models with conditional potential. In the frame of the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) more than 5,000 genes are already committed to the IMPC pipeline. Most of these models can be driven in conditional alleles.  

We aim to maximize the utility of this resource by offering the scientific community with the possibility to nominate the making of new Cre or CreERT2 lines.

In the last decade, we have generated and validated more than 30 cell specific inducible CreERT2 deleter lines (Mouse Cre and CreERT2 zoo).  We have written guidelines for using cre/lox system in mice (European FP7 CREATE program, Cre related resources and databases). We developed a highly efficient universal cre deleter line (Genesis. 2012 Jun;50(6):482-9). As a partner in EUCOMTOOLS effort, we are establishing new 250 CreERT2 knock-in models (EUCOMMTools Program) in a pure C57BL/6N background.

The call targets the French scientific community. It is a real opportunity to nominate the making of new CreERT2 drivers with useful expression patterns. Projects will be selected on scientific bases and non-availability of similar Cre/CreERT2 lines available in other repositories. Proposals will be reviewed by a scientific committee.

To apply to this call, please fill in the application form.

Application deadline is 15th of October 2015