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The Partners of the SFR Biosciences


The SFR Biosciences shares resources with several partners, either directly or with laboratories under their authority.



BIOASTER : an independant Technology Research Institutefocusing on Infectiology and Microbiology

BIOASTER is a joint initiative of Lyonbiopôle (a global competitiveness cluster) and Institut Pasteur. Its innovative R&D approach integrates different scientific and technological disciplines. BIOASTER conducts independent and collaborative interdisciplinary R&D activities, that are at the interface of fundamental research and industrial development. Based on an innovative model of public-private partnership, BIOASTER has the legal status of Fondation de Coopération Scientifique (FCS).




The Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL) is a network of public university hospitals in Lyon and is the second-largest university hospital (CHU) in France.  A recognized center of competence, the HCL covers all medical specialties. The HCL has a wide range of human and technical resources as well as the required logistics to perform its tasks in the fields of healthcare, teaching, research, medical innovation, prevention, and health education. With a workforce of more than 22,000 professionals, and equipped with the most advanced equipment, HCL continuously seeks to improve health. The HCL includes today 14 multidisciplinary or specialized centers.




The Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA, French Research Institute in Agronomy) produces scientific knowledge and supports economic and social innovation in the areas of food, agriculture and environment. Through its capacity to stimulate, to coordinate, to communicate widely and to transfer, INRA has established partnerships with a wide range of academic, economic, local players and associations all over the world.