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LYMIC-PLATIM - Imaging and Microscopy Core Facility


  • To support research activities
  • To provide imaging systems
  • To provide training and assistance
  • To participate in academic teaching and scientific outreach programs
  • To maintain a technological watch

It is equipped with a wide variety of instruments:

  • Totally automated time-lapse microscopes for conventional microscopy
  • Confocal One-Photon and Two-Photon Laser Scanning Microscopy instruments
  • High-resolution microscopes (SIM and STORM techniques)

The PLATIM core facility is part of the regional LBI Core Facility (plateforme régionale LYMIC) certified by the IBiSA label (IBiSA coordinates core facilities in the area of life sciences throughout France).

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The Imaging and Microscopy Core Facility (PLATIM) provides scientists with a wide variety of services throughout the image acquisition process, including assistance in sample preparation. Staff members provide theoretical and practical training to help users become autonomous in the use of the equipment. Users may also be assisted in image analysis with customized data analysis programs, based on specifications established beforehand.

In addition, the core facility staff members actively monitor technological developments to provide optimal service to users and are active in initial and continuous training. They also participate in scientific outreach programs.




Link to reserve equipments


Atomic Force Microscopy


Microscopie super-résolution :


Microscopie confocale:

  • Microscope inversé Confocal AxioObserverZ1 LSM800 (Zeiss).
  • Microscope Confocal spectral SP5 (Leica) sur statif droit.
  • Microscope Confocal spectral Zeiss LSM 710 sur statif inversé équipé bi-photon.
  • Microscope Confocal Zeiss LSM 700 sur statif droit pour gros échantillons.
  • Microscope Confocal spinning disk avec module FRAP/Photo-activation.


Confocal high-throughput analysis (High Content Screening)


Microscopie conventionnelle :

  • Microscope droit AxioImagerZ1 (Zeiss), équipé de 2 caméras CCD.
  • Microscope droit Axiophot (Zeiss), équipé d'une caméra CCD.
  • Microscope droit AxioImager Z1 (Zeiss), équipé d'une caméra CCD.
  • Microscope inversé Timelapse Axio Observer Z1 (Zeiss), multimodal.
  • Microscope inversé Axiovert 135 (Zeiss), équipé d'une caméra CCD.
  • Microscope inversé Timelapse (Nikon), équipé de deux caméras CCD.


Autres équipements:

  • Trois stations de travail pour le traitement des images.
  • Stéréomicroscope LUMAR (Zeiss) à épifluorescence.
  • Macroscope Leica Macrofluo Z16 APA A (Leica) à épifluorescence.


How to contact us/where to find us:

The Imaging and Microscopy Core Facility is located at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon and at the University Hospital Lyon Sud. Equipment may be reserved on-line, provided users have received training and applied for an individual user account.

How to acceed at service


Pour tout renseignement contactez :

  1. Christophe Chamot : responsable plateau
  2. Tel : 04 72 72 87 62
  3. Mail :             



Training before using the facility’s equipment is required and is free of charge.

Staff members provide various types of training: 2nd year of Master, continuous education (workshops in microscopy CNRS, INSERM, INRA,…) and participate in scientific outreach programs (Annual Science Festival, activities for high school students (French students or international students…)).

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