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LYMIC-PLATIM - Imaging and Microscopy Core Facility


The Imaging and Microscopy Core Facility (PLATIM) provides to scientific community, a large offer of optical microscopy: conventional and fully automated video-microscopy, confocal and multi-photon and super resolution techniques (SIM and STORM). Since 2018 PLATIM accounts for a biophysics platform, equipped with 2 atomic force microscopes and a Triboindenter, for performing high resolution 3D topographies and/or for measuring mechanical properties (e.g. Young’s modulus) of isolated cells or biological tissues. A table top scanning electron microscope disposing of a cooling stage is also available. PLATIM is part of the regional core facility LYMIC, certified by the IBiSA label (IBiSA coordinates core facilities in the area of life sciences throughout France).

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The Imaging and Microscopy Core Facility (PLATIM) provides scientists with a wide variety of services throughout the image acquisition process, including assistance in sample preparation. The users must attend a theoretical and practical training in order to have access to the instruments autonomously. Users may also be assisted in image analysis with customized data analysis programs, based on specifications established beforehand.

In addition, the core facility staff members actively monitor technological developments to provide optimal services to users and are active in initial and continuous training. They also participate in scientific outreach programs.

 Our goals:

  • Supporting research activities
  • Providing imaging systems
  • Providing training and assistance
  • Participating to academic teaching and scientific outreach programs
  • Maintaining a technological watch




Our platform provides the following equipment:


How to contact us/where to find us:

The Imaging and Microscopy Core Facility is located at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon and at the University Hospital Lyon Sud. Instruments can be booked on-line by all the users having received the training and applied for an individual user account.

For more information, please contact us at:

  1. Mail :
  2. Tel : 04 72 72 87 62
  3. Head of the core facility: Jacques Brocard




The training on the instruments is mandatory. This training is free of charges for academic users.

Staff members provide various types of trainings and courses: to 2nd year Master’s students, continuous trainings (workshops on microscopy CNRS, INSERM, INRA,…) and they participate to scientific outreach programs (Annual Science Festival, activities for high school students (French or foreign students…)).


  1. Informations on user fees is available on intranet (contributors and academic team) or upon demand.





Our softwares:

  • Metamorph (Molecular Devices)
  • Zeiss
  • Huygens
  • Imaris
  • ImageJ
  • Data Processing (JPK)

Nanoscope Analysis (Bruker)